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Re: [ft-l] freshly ripped off pine needles

I was fortunate in that the hail that fell on me was of the thumbnail size.
The larger pieces of ice (up to 2 inched across) were already on the ground
as I walked through the area. The wide-brimmed straw hat that I wear was
adequate protection against the smaller pieces of hail.

All together it was an interesting and even exhilarating experience. I do
admit that I might feel different if I had been injured by the falling
hail, but I was not hurt, and I enjoyed my day in the woods, as I usually
do. It is the ultimate therapy - get out of the city for a day of communing
with nature. This time, nature had something to say to me that was a little
out of the ordinary.
- Carl

On Mon, 26 Apr 1999 sandy@deathsdoor.com wrote:

> >hail tore off the petals and smashed down the stamens
> >so badly that except for the yellow color, it would not be recognized as a
> >flower. Sevedral of the cactus flowers showed the pistil isolated and still
> >upright with the rest of the flower pretty well beaten down.
> i hope you had something to protect your head besides your arms!
> --sunshine*daydreams--
> .................later...................
> _______Sandy_______
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