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RE: [ft-l] I'm back 100%...

Jeff writes:  

I would love to hear what others have done, even if it's a simple stuff sack
or something else.  Please, tell us about it!

I make a lot of my own duffels, gear and stuff sacks (custom fit), pack covers,
and some clothing (wind gear, fleece hats, etc).  My favorite fabric and
hardware supplier is Rainshed, out in Corvallis OR.  They have just about every
kind of fabric and fastener you've ever seen (and some you haven't), as well as
patterns for bunches of stuff (even dog packs!-- sorry Jeff).  Here's their


Here's a novel, but useful, item I once made:  artificial hips.  Really.  When
my six-year old started backpacking, he had no hips; even using the smallest kid
pack available and cinching the belt tight, it slipped right over his little
butt and he ended up carrying all the weight on his shoulders.  So I made a
vest, on the bottom of which I made a series of baffles filled with polyfill.
The belt could then cinch around the baffles, and no more slip.  The kid is
grown now, but I've kept the hips as a sentimental thing.  (Moms are like that).


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