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[ft-l] Re: FT-L digest, Vol 1 #440 - 1 msg

This does not make any sense. Either: 1.- "FTA can claim to represent
hikers state-wide" and needs to  provide the structure, leadership, and
guidance in dealing with other groups (whether local or from a wider
area); or, 2.- FTA has no such claim and each local chapter is on its
own to cut whatever deal it can on local trails.

If situation #2 prevails, why do we need a statewide FTA organization? I
think the FTA needs to assume leadership in this type of action or it
becomes un-necessary and inconsequential to the individual member. Sorry
Deb, your position is a cop-out.

- Carl

Deb wrote:
> I know Deborah Stewart-Kent has for many years had the idea
> of an "Orange Blossom Coalition" of hikers, bicyclists and
> equestrians that could work together on trail development,
> land acquisition issues, political lobbying, etc.  One of
> the big problems, however, is that while the FTA can claim
> to represent hikers state-wide there appear to be no
> corresponding organizations for street cyclists, mountain
> bikers and horseback riders and horse-drawn wagon groups.

******> So until a state-wide coalition comes into being it's up to
> the local folks to work with the other users.  YOU are the
> FTA, not the few people in the offices in Gainesville or
> Tallahassee.******

> Where the original concept among landowner and user groups
> is a corridor of land in which all users can build their own
> trails and DO build and maintain their own trails, the
> multi-use concept has worked.  The Cross Florida Greenway
> proves this.  Osceola County is now looking at developing
> the same type of system and we need to be active in
> supporting such initiatives - usually they are county-wide.
> Another example is the mess in Wekiwa Springs State Park
> that caused such a flap a couple of years ago - where the
> temporarily assigned land manager gave in to mountain bike
> pressure and gave them permission to use our trail.  Wylie
> Dykes talked quietly and directly with the mountain bike
> group and showed them alternate routes they could use that
> would limit their use of the FT.
> Also, as I am out and about on the trail I have come to
> believe that the vast majority of all the users DO follow
> the trail rules and guidelines.  It's the 5% who are out
> only for themselves who spoil it for everyone else.  And
> that 5% occurs among all user groups, hikers included.
> Deb
> >
> > Personally, I would like to see FTA open negotiations with
> the bike and
> > horse people to bring them into the process of using
> trails properly
> > even if this means eventually having multi-group use of
> the trails. They
> > use the trails anyway, lets get them to contribute their
> time, money,
> > and people resources to help build and maintain the
> trails. Building
> > such alliances with the individual contacts and
> friendships that will
> > result should  bring a wider awareness of acceptable
> behavior on the
> > trail. It is obvious to me that the present situation is
> not good and is
> > slowly going downhill.
> >
> > JMHO. :)
> >
> > - Carl
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