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[ft-l] Love in your tummy

Another breakfast alternative that was developed by my father, when he was
our Scoutmaster many years ago, was a concoction that he called WHOATMEAL!
This came invention was necessitated by a very cold morning in the woods in
the Baden Powell Scout Res. near Melrose and not enough pots for the morning
Troop breakfast. Some of us preferred Oatmeal and some Wheateena.
Unfortunately we did not have enough pots so Dad mixed the two together and
every one of us turned our nose at first but when the stomach overruled the
head, we found that it was the very good. So, it was dubbed Whoatmeal!!! and
became a traditional and much looked forward to breakfast during winter
camping trips! It sticks to your ribs like oatmeal but has the nutty sweet
taste of the Wheateena. I still will make it from time to time as does my
Dad. Ahhh memories and a warm full tumbly.