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[ft-l] Love in your tummy

Another variation on the breakfast theme mentioned is called "Mountain
Man Breakfast".  The recipe follows, it was retrieved from a Boy Scout
Dutch Oven Recipe book.  I've prepared it a twice, both time for adults.
Both times I used sausage and skipped the salsa.  They loved it!

I know we're usually in a hurry to head home at trails end.  But this is
just the thing if you have a dutch oven, some extra time and don't mind
the calories.

Mark Nickerson
Mountain Man Breakfast

1/2 lb bacon (or pre-cooked sausage)
Med onion
2 lb. bag of hash brown potatoes
1/2 pound of grated cheddar
1 dozen eggs
Small jar of salsa (optional)

The following requires 6-9 bottom coals and 12 -15 top coals:
Pre-heat 12" Dutch Oven. Slice bacon and onion into small pieces and
brown in the bottom of the Dutch Oven until onions are clear. Stir in
the hash brown potatoes and cover; remove cover and stir occasionally to
brown and heat potatoes (15-20 minutes) Scramble the eggs in a separate
container and pour the mixture over the hash browns. Cover and cook
until eggs start to set.  (10 - 15 minutes)

Sprinkle grated cheese over egg mixture, cover and continue heating
until eggs are completely set and cheese is melted. Optional: cover
cheese/egg mixture with a small jar (~ 1 cup) of SALSA. Cover and cook
for an additional 3-5 minutes. Slice and server like quiche. (Real men
don't eat quiche but I sure get lots of requests to cook up the Mountain
Man.) Cooking times will vary with the weather and your state of awake
but its almost impossible to screw up. Serves 6.
Rich Locke, Adviser, Post 486, Williamsburg, VA