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[ft-l] Tent information and opinion

I've never owned one myself, they're too heavy for me.  But
I've seen a lot of them because the Clip Flashlight is one
of the most frequently used bp tents on the market.  Like
most "2-man" tents, the Clip is really for two intimate
friends (you'll be shoulder-to-shoulder and know when your
tent partner turns in their sleep) or a rather luxurious
tent for 1 (room for pack/dog/etc.).  The 3 might provide
the extra space needed for you and your daughter.  They are
double-walled tents, so condensation is at a minimum - but a
lot of that is dependent on the user and the outside
humidity, not the tent.  Also, Sierra Designs makes a
quality product.

Another alternative is the SD Asteroid.  The weight is
between the Clip and the Clip-3 and since it's more like a
dome instead of tapered at the foot, you can sleep head to
foot giving each person more shoulder room and you can
actually sit up in it to change clothes.  It also has a
bigger vestibule for wet boots, packs, etc.


> Hi all,
> I am looking for some input from anyone concerning the
Sierra Designs Clip
> Flashlight 2 or 3 tents. I see that they are light and
somewhat compact. I
> might have my daughter going with me from time to time so
that is why I am
> concidering the 3.
> But, my main concern is this, how are these tents on
venelation, I hate to
> wake up in the morning with a layer of water all over the
inside of the tent
> and everything else from the vapor in my/our breath
condensing. I have been
> concidering other tents due to the feature of the no
see-um roof panels
> because of this. Also how comfortable are these tents ,
another reason I am
> concidering the 3 is that it would be more roomy with not
much gain in
> weight. Thanks in advance for any input.
> Brad Grant