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[ft-l] President's Bush's new forest policy for logging and forest fires

Controlled burns are impossible in a lot of these areas, historically there
were 35 or so trees per acre, now after 80 years of no burns there are 500
trees per acre. Once a fire gets going in those places it will be an
uncontrolled conflagration. The fire load has to be reduced by hand, by
cutting down and hauling off these extra trees and then and only then can
you allow fire into those woods. And if you have to remove 465 out of 500
trees I don't see how you'll avoid cutting down some of the larger trees


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> Picture a comercial logging company in the Redwoods, Smokeys, Everglades,
> Yosemite, or anywhere there is old growth.  I'm all for periodic
> controlled
> burns.  Fund the Forrest Service to hire more people to do periodic burns
> during "controlling" weather.  The commercial companies that are backing
> this plan are not similar to UF...they want the valuable old growth
> trees...because they are rare..because of logging policy.  Commercial
> companies have no use for the dead/down/litter trees and growth that the
> President was trying to convince us of on T.V. Thanks for the
> email, it was
> interesting.
> conservationist,environmentalist,common sense!