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[ft-l] President's Bush's new forest policy for logging and forest fires

What do you people think happens to the lumber these companies produce? It
goes into your houses, picnic tables and everything else made of wood. If
the FS runs up the cost of producing lumber the lumber companies will just
pass on the costs to the consumer. The Canadians already heavily subsidize
their timber industry so by driving up production costs here you just put
Americans out of work.


> -----Original Message-----
> Cricket correctly notes that the timber co.'s make
> money by using the infrastructure so generously paid
> for by we the people. I think the genesis of this
> inequity is to be found tangled in the real motives
> and allegiance of Gifford Pinchot. Consider that the
> father of the Forest Service was a member of the Order
> of Skull & Bones in his senior year at Yale. A Google
> search of just that connection will turn up names of
> fellow S & B members whose companies/families had
> great profit from forest land, e.g., Weyerhauser.
> Where did G.P.'s heart really lay? With the land or
> with the profit therefrom? Whose ideas were Gifford
> and Teddy implementing? Oh my, OT Again. Back to the
> Swamp go I.