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[ft-l] President's Bush's new forest policy for logging and forest fires

OK explain to me how you get back to the historical level of 35 trees per
acre from the current 500 trees per acre by just cutting down saplings and
underbrush? You need to remove 465 trees per acre.


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> Bush "fire prevention" program a giveaway to the timber industry?
> If you want to start a fire, do you set a match to a big tree? Apparently,
> that's how President Bush would do it, since his "fire prevention" program
> allows the timber industry to go deep into our national forests
> and cut down
> old-growth trees.
> We need a program to clear out the brush and small trees that start the
> fires, and we need to concentrate on areas near homes to save lives and
> property. But Bush's efforts focus on the big trees deep in our national
> forests. It's nothing more then a gift to the timber industry, a big donor
> to Bush's campaign.
> Allen Ahern - Wildland Firefighter for only one year , this is
> basic stuff.