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[ft-l] Local Hiking Info

I'm very familar with the Ocala NF.  Give me an idea of how
many miles you want to do for the day hike and the
out-and-back and I can make some suggestions from the
various campgrounds/trailheads.  You also didn't specify a
time period.  Recommendations for camping during general gun
season (Nov thru mid-Jan) can be very different from the
recommendations for the rest of the year.  Also, what
accomodations do you want in your base camp?


> I am a Scoutmaster of a Troop in Dade City and I'm
interested in taking
> my Scouts on a couple of hikes.
> I would like to break the trip down into two treks.  The
first would be
> for my younger Scouts (11-13) and would be a Day Hike Loop
from our base
> camp.  The 2nd hike would be for my older Scouts and would
be an
> overnight "out & back".  We have the necessary backpacking
stoves and
> water filters to allow for primitive camping for the older
> I was told there are some nice trails in the Ocala
National Forest.
> Does anyone have any experience with these trails (or
similar trails)?
> Thanks.........................Gary