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[ft-l] Local Hiking Info

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In a message dated 9/1/2002 10:46:49 AM Eastern Standard Time,
gkemp@innet.com writes:

> I am a Scoutmaster of a Troop in Dade City and I'm interested in taking
> my Scouts on a couple of hikes.

Since you're in Dade City, you might want to consider the loops at Richloam
and Croom tracts of Withlacoochee State Forest, or one of the shorter loops
at the Citrus Tract. All offer backpacking campsites. Green Swamp is another
option. All of the areas allow hunting, so check the
www.floridaconservation.org website for hunt dates so you can schedule around

For your younger guys, take a look at Withlacoochee River Park. You can set
up a base camp either at one of the backpacking campsites or at the park's
primitive campsite (an easy walk from a car, about 1/3 mile) and then do a
number of different day hikes out of your base camp.

Contact the Withlacoochee State Forest office for maps, or the FTA office
(1-877-HIKE-FLA) for maps for Richloam, Croom, Citrus, and Withlacoochee
River Park.

Cheers, Sandy