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[ft-l] Local Hiking Info


Ocala is good, though I dont know enough details to assist you

The Florida National Scenic Trail on the Cross Florida Greenway in Marion
County has trails that would allow the options that would let you do what
you described.

If you are interested in the Greenway trails, contact me.

Kenneth Smith,Section Leader, FTA
KSmith855@cfl.rr.com        or 352-307-8645

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> I am a Scoutmaster of a Troop in Dade City and I'm interested in taking
> my Scouts on a couple of hikes.
> I would like to break the trip down into two treks.  The first would be
> for my younger Scouts (11-13) and would be a Day Hike Loop from our base
> camp.  The 2nd hike would be for my older Scouts and would be an
> overnight "out & back".  We have the necessary backpacking stoves and
> water filters to allow for primitive camping for the older Scouts.
> I was told there are some nice trails in the Ocala National Forest.
> Does anyone have any experience with these trails (or similar trails)?
> Thanks.........................Gary
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