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[ft-l] Changes in FTA Trail Inventory process


Atta girl! This makes sense.


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>Subject: Re: [ft-l] Changes in FTA Trail Inventory process
>Date: Wed, 17 Jan 2001 09:25:27 -0500
>In place of.
>Dick has gotten tired of waiting for UTAP to develop their trainer training
>program and I have just seen too much need for more basic info now, rather
>than 10 years down the road.  By collecting the center line of the trail
>plus locating major features as points along the centerline with the GPS 
>collecting basic info about hiker and maintenance needs (bridges, water
>sources, campsites, trailheads, signage) I figure we can do the entire 
>in about 2 years.  My goal for 2001 is 600 miles which added to what we 
>done so far is about 1/2 the thru trail.  We desparately need this info for
>maps, maintenance and filling the gaps.  The more detailed, ADA related
>stats can still be collected later on specific sections of trail that have
>the potential of being designated accessible.
> > Deb,
> >
> > Is this in addition to the UTAP or in lieu of?
> >
> > Fred
> >
> >
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