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[ft-l] Trip to the Boundary Waters

FYI.  Dick Schuler is leading a trip to the Boundary Waters.  Please see


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Dick Schuler
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E-mail  -  rschuler@mpinet.net

 January 14, 2001
To whom it may concern,

I have initiated a fall trip to the Boundry Waters and am looking some
outdoor types who would like to experience the pleasures of the primeire
conoeing wilderness in the United States.

The trip will launch at Snowbank Lake, near  Ely,  Minnisota, and proceed
through some magnificant canoe country.  Several of us have canoed this
route before.  This will be my fifth time visiting these lakes, and
comparing them with other areas in the Boundry Water, both Canada and U.S.,
these are my favorites.  The sequence of events is as follows:

July 21 - Fly into and meet at the Duluth Airport, shop for bulk of
July 22 - Pack and organize at Camp Voyageur, late arrivals join at Camp
July 23 -  Travel to trailhead on Snowbank Lake
August 3 - be picked up and returned to camp Voyager for a suana and great
August 4 - leave the North Country for home.  Fly out of Duluth after 11:00

This will be about 14 canoe miles  and 24 (13 in and 13 out) portages for a
total of 2 miles.  The trip is a suggested two day trip (one way)  but at
our reduced speed we can enjoy the wilderness more, camp in one place
several days if we want, explore, do day trips, fish, and in general enjoy
the wilderness.

Equipment we will need is as follows.
Canoes - Lightweight (40lb) kevar - $32 / day  or 16$/day /Person
DeLuth Bags (Packs) Two for each canoe - Each canoe (two people) share a
bag for personal items (sleeping bags, cloths, etc.)  Wešll need two for
food and two for some more food and equipment (tents, axe, stove, pots,
dishes, etc.)  Each person will need bring or rent 1 at 4$/day.

 An estimate of the  costs per person are:

Airline ticket 350.00
Transpertation from Duluth  to Camp Voyageur (round trip) 50.00
($10.00 if you come into Ely)
Cost for housing at Camp Voyageur - Two nights/Supper/Breakfast 60.00
Canoe - $17.50/day (for each person) X 12 days = 210.00
Food - about 8.00/day 136.00
Packs - one pack/person X 12 days X $4.00 48.00
Truck to and from entry and departure points (approximate) 5.00

Total $859.00

What a bargain!  $72.00 a day for 12 days in gods country!  Or you could
spend $3,500 to $12,000 per person for a nice cruise.  These prices do not
include tent rental or your own personal gear which a assume you have.
Some ways you can save money are, drive, bring your own canoe, and furnish
your own pack.

We usually cook in a group but are flexable.  If you want to brings your
own, feel free to do so.  There is usually space available for individual
tents but first choise of space at the campsite goes largest groups using a
single tent.

$100 will be due and payable when you are accepted to join the party.  This
will pay the permit,  and the deposit at Camp Voyger.    You might want to
think of others with which you would like to share this trip.  These lakes
have lots of room and the more the merrier however their is a permit
system.  I have applied for one permit (4 canoes, 9 people).  This trip
will be on a first come first served basis so let me know right away if you
want a spot.  If we get more takers than 9 wešll have to apply for another
permit.  I donšt know how hard they are to get.  I do know that the earlier
we apply the better chance we have.

A menue of meals will be planned at a later date.    Water is plentiful so
little need exists for carrying more than a small amount.

I have enclosed a map and a trip tic for you to look over.  We have one
portage of any size,  .44 miles or 140 rods(each rod is 16.5 feet).  We can
take our time so it is not all that difficult.  The other portages are
small and of no consequence.  Notice all the opportunities for exploration
around these lakes.

The fishing is good with Northern Pike (NP)  in all the lakes, Walleyes in
most, and Trout in Thomas and Fraser.  If you are interested in fishing I
suggest you purchase the Boundry Waters Fishing Guide B78100.  You can get
it from Piragis Northwoods Company in Ely 1-800-223-6565.  Ely has a neat
web page at www.ely.org you may wish to explore.  Also you can get other
info and see some beautiful pictures on www.canoecountry.com.

We have seen moose, deer, beaver, mink, ducks, martins, herons, seagulls,
loons and other asorted wildlife in the past.

Think it over and let me know how interested you are.  If you have
questions call or E-mail.