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[ft-l] Hello! (new lister)

            I work in Sebring and can arrange transport to Bluff Hammock on
any work Day. My home phone is (863) 467-5437 and my office phone is (863)
386-6045. Good Luck

                                                    Doug McCoy
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From: Eric Primack <eap0758@garnet.acns.fsu.edu>
To: ft-l@mailman.backcountry.net <ft-l@mailman.backcountry.net>
Date: Friday, January 12, 2001 12:12 PM
Subject: [ft-l] Hello! (new lister)

    I'm Eric Primack and I'm leaving to hike on the Florida Trail next week
(Jan 16 or 17).  I just graduated from Florida State University with a
degree in theatre, but I'm not an actor - I run sound for live bands mostly.
    I'll be hiking northbound from the Kissimee River area (near Sebring) to
Juniper Springs campground in the Ocala National Forest.  I'll get to Farles
Prarie Campground in the Ocala Nat'l Forest around Feb. 1st, and possibly
stay there for a week with a spontaneous group of individuals
 members.xoom.com/FL_Family/ ).  Everyone is welcome.
    Does anybody want to accompany me part/all of the way?
    Does anyone live near Sebring and could give me a ride to the trail
(I'll get a bus to Sebring)?
    Also, if someone could somehow provide me with an electronic copy of the
data about the trail, I would greatly appreciate it.  Then I can put it in
my PDA (like a Palm Pilot) and just carry that instead of any maps or other
    Any other suggestions will be helpful.  I've emailed with Jim Pace and
Doug McCoy about the Kissimee River area, but north of that I would like to
know, for example, how likely the water supplies will be flowing well.  Oh,
also, I have looked at the hunting website
(http://www.state.fl.us/fwc/hunting/seasons-00-01.html ), and it seems to
say that no hunting is in season.  Is this correct?

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