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[ft-l] Hiking in April

I am planning a hike for April. I am going to do a section from Appalachicola 
West  to White Springs. I hope to begin the hike around April 3 and end 
around the 12 or 13. I am driving down from Ma and would like to arrange to 
park my truck at one end of the trail and get a ride to the beginning. I am 
thinking of hiking North to south but I can go either way. 
       I appreciate any info some of you experienced with the Fla trail can 
give me. I am getting the maps and guide book but recent experience from 
other hikers is an invaluable source and I like to go out on the trail as 
prepared as possible. I also would welcome anyone who would like to accompany 
me for part of the hike . I am a steady but not fast hiker, I am 49 yrs old 
and a non-smoker. I usually do about 15 miles a day but I am going to give 
myself ample time to relax  and check out some of the sights along the way. 
Thanks in advance for any help. 

             George Wells Jr 

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