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[ft-l] thru-hike


On the FTA website (http://www.florida-trail.com) check out the FAQ's.  They
are written to answer many of the questions a long-distance hiker has about
the Florida Trail.

Also, the book "From Here to There..." by Susan Roquemore and Joan Hobson is
of great assistance to the FT long-distance hiker.  It has loads of info on
mail drops, etc.

The FTA office is in the final stages of developing a long-distance packet
of information.  This will include all the thru trail maps (plus Blackwater
River SF for those going on into Alabama) , the above book, the FTA Hiking
Guide, a list of official trail angels, a reference sheet with other
resources, FTA membership, etc.  Call the office at 1-800-343-1882 to ask
about the packet.

One final note:  FTA suggests thru hikers begin in the south in early
January.  The main reason for this is the lengthy general gun hunting season
in Florida.  While only a couple of sections of trail are closed during
general gun season there are many restrictions on camping.  By waiting until
the end of general gun in the south, you will avoid these restrictions.


PS, so far you are thru-hiker number 8 that I have heard of for this coming
hiking season.

> So here are a few questions I have.  I will be
> scanning the archives, but, like I said, I'd like to
> interact and see how friendly/helpful this list is.