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[ft-l] thru-hike


                1.   Last year about 15 people attempted a thru hike, about
as busy as ever. Most people wait until January to start due to wet
conditions on the first two sections after the rainy season. If you are
going to start in Pahokee you will probably OK, though you may run into
hunting in 3 Lakes and Bull Creek and most any Hunting preserve until

                2. No, but it is hikable.

                3. Rick Guhse and Jon Phipps should be out there somewhere.

                4. Relatively easy. There are some remote sections but you
generally cross roads every day because you arent ridge walking.

                5. good, but the trail in its present form is in constant
flux. Keep in contact with FTA and section leaders for best info.

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>Great!  There is life on the FT.  Thanks for
>responding.  Here's my story.  I live in Jupiter, but
>I'm moving to West Palm in early Nov.  Once settled
>(mid-Nov), I plan to thru-hike the FT from somewhere
>near Pahokee as far north and west as I can get.  This
>will be my warm-up for a thru-hike of the PCT in
>So here are a few questions I have.  I will be
>scanning the archives, but, like I said, I'd like to
>interact and see how friendly/helpful this list is.
>1. Have many people actually thru-hike the trail in a
>year/season?  Is there a set season?
>2. Is the trail complete, or nearly so?
>3. Are there any thru-hikers on this list that I could
>correspond with?
>4. How easy or difficult is it to resupply?
>5. How necessary/helpful is the guidebook?  I was on
>the FTA website and there seems to be something of a
>guidebook with individual section maps and some trail
>description.  Does it get updated regularly?
>That's all for now.  Thanks for any/all information
>you wish to provide.
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