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[ft-l] thru-hike

Great!  There is life on the FT.  Thanks for
responding.  Here's my story.  I live in Jupiter, but
I'm moving to West Palm in early Nov.  Once settled
(mid-Nov), I plan to thru-hike the FT from somewhere
near Pahokee as far north and west as I can get.  This
will be my warm-up for a thru-hike of the PCT in

So here are a few questions I have.  I will be
scanning the archives, but, like I said, I'd like to
interact and see how friendly/helpful this list is.

1. Have many people actually thru-hike the trail in a
year/season?  Is there a set season?
2. Is the trail complete, or nearly so?
3. Are there any thru-hikers on this list that I could
correspond with?
4. How easy or difficult is it to resupply?
5. How necessary/helpful is the guidebook?  I was on
the FTA website and there seems to be something of a
guidebook with individual section maps and some trail
description.  Does it get updated regularly?

That's all for now.  Thanks for any/all information
you wish to provide.


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