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[ft-l] thru-hike

You probably want to get the Hobson/Rocquemore book on the FT.  It's a great guide for stuff like resupplies, lodging, etc.

As to how many thru-hike:  Doug McCoy had 8 at his home last year.  We (Jon Phipps & I) had about 12 or more (I lost count) come our way (some spent the night with Rick Guhse).  Our place is in Oviedo, a genuine FT trail town.  

We are no longer open for business as a free hostel, but will be willing to help out in emergencies.

Rick Guhse has been keeping pretty good tabs on folks doing thru-hikes, so he might have a better number.  I do know that last year had to be a record year.  There are stealth hikers out there, so it's not easy to document how many make the attempt in any given year.