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[ft-l] anybody home?

We begin the hike in South Bay and hike to Pahokee the first day.  In order
to get the greatest participation, this is not a backpacking hike.  We do
it in a series of day hikes and stay in campgrounds at night.  We usually
eat out at resturants every night too.  We are also famous for our
afternoon get togethers....you bring your beverage of choice and some
snacks to share.  You can start with us and go on your own after that.  All
we ask is that you let us know so we don't go looking for you!  I sometimes
feel like a mother hen with her chicks on this hike.  We get a lot of out
of state people and non hikers that we have to keep track of.  But everyone
has a lot of fun and we make many new friends personally and for FT.

In Sunny So FLA