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Re: [CDT-L] Altitude???

It takes a while.  You are best off if you drive out, climbing so many feet
per day.  But then people tend to overdo it by driving so long and so hard
each day that their blood has coagulated and their musculoskeletal system is
in the shape of a pretzel by the time they get here.  Then they have to
celebrate the arrival with alcohol and a big meal at the best restaurant in
town.  Again, the word "overdo."  Of course, they also drank anything but
water all the way here.  (They'd heard about "traveler's diarrhea" or
something.)  Then we hear about how awful they feel at altitude.

The rule of thumb for acclimatizing as quickly as your body is capable is to
under-do on elevation gain each day coming, to under-do on food intake, to
abstain from alcohol, and to overdo-if-anything with hydration.  

The time it takes is relative to what you want to do.  You won't in all
likelihood reach your normal capability for a full 6 weeks, but you become
carefully functional in 3 days.  To totally acclimatize, where you are like a
"native," is maybe 6 months.  It's just part of the game plan, so it pays to
accept it and to monitor your progress just like any training plan.

Estes Park, Colorado
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