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Re: [CDT-L] list home

On Wed, 20 May 1998, Michael Henderson wrote:

> hi earl, everyone,
> now that milt (hi milt) has got us up and running so earl can get some work
> done, are 'we' at all sanctioned by ryan and his national scenic trails
> page and lists?  i think we should be.  what ryan has started could turn
> out to be a great resource for all the NSTs, if they are all together (it
> already is a great resource).

Definitely, yes! Ryan is having some hardware problems with the the host the NST
lists live on and as soon as that is resolved CDT-L will move over the that
server and become part of the main deal. 

> i know someone was putting up a web page for this list.  can we get that
> info transferred to ryan's page, or an 'official link' to the new page from
> ryan's?  (oh, i haven't yet been to the page, but whereever in the ether it
> is located, it's a good idea to have one).

This is unofficial, but I may start doing a little maintenance work on the NST
lists page. And links would be a good addition.

> anyway, i'm often disheartened by the haphazardness of the web, and would
> like to see resources such as these (at-l, pct-l, cdt-l, iat-l, future
> nct-l, adt-l and ft-l, wait is this last one an NST?) in one place, or at
> least joined at the hip.  granted, my only contribution so far is to raise
> the issue  :), so thanks to those who have gotten this up and running in
> the first place.



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