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Re: [CDT-L]

At 07:22 AM 5/21/98 -0400, you wrote:
>Earl Needham wrote:
>>        The list is still up, it's just been very quiet.
>>         You should have received a message today from the new, "regular"
list.  We  now have a majordomo list operating.  Please let me know whether
y'all  (everybody) received anything from the list (cdt-l@server2.iqsc.com)
or not.
>> I can't imagine why the list is so quiet unless (hopefully) everyone is
out on the Trail and away from their email.
>>         Earl

Earl:  Just to let you know, I haven't been participating the last 10 days
or so -- and probably won't for the next three weeks -- because I'll have
been away from my computer that whole time, except for a moment here or
there to download stacked up messages.  But be forewarned, I will definitely
be contributing by middle of June!   :-)   Thanks again for your initiative
in getting this list up and going (and thanks to Milt, too!).  This list is
a valuable tool for the CDT, thruhiking, hiking in general, and for the
long-term preservation (dare I say, expansion?) of our National Scenic
Trails, and for all of us who are sitting at our computers dreaming about
when we can get away and get our feet smelly and tired, our backs aching,
our stomachs growling, and our hearts singing....


Kelly Flowers

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