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Re: [CDT-L] Altitude???

At 07:45 AM 5/21/98 -0400, kahley7 wrote:
>Well I have a question.  From what I know, the CDT travels the
>highest for the longest of the major trails.  How can you prepare for
>the change. If someone lives at say 2000ft above sea level, how long would
>it take to acclimatize yourself to such a change.  I would assume
>that in starting from south to north, the gain would be gradual
>enough to deal with.  Is that a sane assumption?   I know when I
>drove from Pa to Estes Park Colorado, I couldn't believe the
>difference.  Trying to hike in RMNP was very rough........     Kahley
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There are many sources on the net with info on this subject.  One is our
web page located at www.mindspring.com/~treeline.  

P.S. Estes Park (RMNP) is my favorite winter place to hike.


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