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[CDT-L] Re: [CDT] (was Re: CDT-L ?)

At 10:12 PM 5/20/98 -0600, The Continental Divide Trail Mailing List sent:
>At 09:20 PM 5/20/98 -0400, Chet Fromm sent:
>>I recieved a burst of messages about a week ago, and nothing since.
>>Is list still up? I posted a intro message and have had no replies.
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	The list is still up, it's just been very quiet.

	You should have received a message today from the new, "regular" list.  We
now have a majordomo list operating.  Please let me know whether y'all
(everybody) received anything from the list (cdt-l@server2.iqsc.com) or not.

	I can't imagine why the list is so quiet unless (hopefully) everyone is
out on the Trail and away from their email.


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