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Re: [CDT-L] Re: [CDT] (was Re: CDT-L ?)

Earl Needham wrote:
>        The list is still up, it's just been very quiet.
>         You should have received a message today from the new, "regular" list.  We  now have a majordomo list operating.  Please let me know whether y'all  (everybody) received anything from the list (cdt-l@server2.iqsc.com) or not.
> I can't imagine why the list is so quiet unless (hopefully) everyone is out on the Trail and away from their email.
>         Earl

Earl, the early days of a list tend to be fairly quiet.  Especially
since there are so few who have actually hiked any part of the CDT. Most
are here out of curiosity as much as anything, not because they are
ready to start hiking out west yet.  Also, on the AT-l and PCT-l only
about 10% or less are actaully active - the rest lurk.  When there are
500 people, that makes for a fairly active list, when there are only 30,
it is pretty quiet. As numbers pick up, and if people agree to try to
participate - it could get more active.  Don't worry about it. If there
is enough real interest in hiking the Divide, the list will survive. 
Those of us who plan to hike the trail are happy to have another place
to ask questions and get some answers, hopefully, from people who know
the areas and the trail.  The dreamers  have someplace new to dream
about (someday).

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