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[cdt-l] back from 2001 hike

Thanks Jonathan, I appreciate your efforts.  If anything about this whole 
planning process has me troubled, it's the idea I may have to spend hundreds 
of dollars on maps that most say aren't all that accurate and outdated.  I 
look forward to your completed project.  

By the way, which maps did you end up using for NM?


> My maps worked out great.  I was really happy with
> them.  All those hours drawing the little red line
> paid off.  The biggest drawback to them was that they
> took forever to print!  I suppose if one has a better
> ink-jet, one might not have such a problem!  
> I had a few mistakes on the maps & made a lot of notes
> for anything confusing or interesting.  I mailed the
> annotated maps back to my folks house & hope to update
> the master (electronic) copy sometime in December.  
> I'd like to get these out to people as cheaply as
> possible, but I have to figure out what the copyright
> nuances are first.  I won't have time to do that until
> December.
> One thing I really liked was the size of the finished
> maps.  8.5x11 was really handy. If you've ever tried
> to look at (or fold) one of those poster-sized maps in
> the wind at 13,000 ft, you'll know what I mean!
> One drawback to my maps was the lack "periphery"
> information.  If you have to bail off the trail for
> any reason, you need to know "what's out there".  I
> hope to address this somewhat when I update the maps
> this winter.

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