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[cdt-l] back from 2001 hike

True, the USGS maps are public domain, but I believe
if you do the work of scanning them, you can own the
copyright to those scans if you so choose. (there are
some organizations who've scanned USGS maps & have
them available for free on-line - public domain - but
they don't quite do what I need...)
I suppose it's one of those instances where the
information age & the printing press age collide!

--- David Patterson <wr_ddp@hotmail.com> wrote:
> Jonathon,
> USGS maps are in the public domain. The woman I
> spoke with said that there's 
> no copyright infringement if you reprduce them. I
> have a box of info from 
> the USGS if you want to investigate.
> David
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