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[cdt-l] Gear?

>>>Is the half bag still a good idea?  What have you guys 
used or plan on using up high?

Nate, although I'm not familiar with the are you'll be in, I do use a half
bag quite a bit for alpine climbing. I pair an 18-oz down half bag with a
24-oz hooded synthetic (primaloft) jacket for the temps you describe. In a
bivy sack, I sleep comfortably down to about 30 with this system, and can
certainly tolerate a night of 25 with no ill effects. I use a primaloft half
bag in the winter, with a 28-oz primaloft jacket (hooded) when I know I'll
have the luxury and warmth of a snow cave.
Good luck, but practice with this system first.
Ryan Jordan
Bozeman, MT