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[cdt-l] Gear?

At 11:29 PM 2/23/01 +0000, Nate Young blasted the following out into the ether:
>I think I might have wrote this earlyer about me and a friend doing a part 
>of the CDT over the San Jauns in Co this summer.  I was just wondering 
>what kind on sleeping system to use.  I guided there for two summers and 
>used a synthetic 0 degree bag, which was a bit over kill at times.  This 
>time around I'm looking at about something in a 15 degree range and 
>definetly down.  I'm tempted to use a half bag and jacket to save 
>weight.  Some people say its hard to get a good night's sleep in a half 
>bag.  I went on a climbing trip with only a bunch of cloths and no 
>sleeping bag to test the idea, and I got to admit I didn't have that much 
>of a good time.  Of course, I didn't have a serious enough hood or foot 
>covering that a good jacket and half bag would have.  Is the half bag 
>still a good idea?  What have you guys used or plan on using up high?  Thanks

      I have only ever used a full bag, the most recent being for 
relatively mile weather -- a Sierra Designs 20 degree bag.  Can't think of 
the name just now, but it's a fairly lightweight bag that REI was selling a 
few years ago.

      I'm sure others on the list will have more experience than me, so 
let's hear it...

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