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Re: [CDT-L] To change the subject --- to Montana

Oops - you're right, It was the Bitterroots, not the Centennials.  Evidently 
the bears are already in the Centennials -- at least, when we passed through 
the Experimental Sheep Station place, a ranger-type person in a jeep warned 
us that a grizzly had gotten into the sheep the day before, despite the 
guard dogs.

We never saw any sign of bears in the Bitterroots.  I loved that area though 
- it was so wild and beautiful when we went through.  I wonder how much fire 
damage there was?  Anyone know?  In any case, when we go back, I would be 
happy to know that the bears are around.  As several have said, there is a 
special thrill to knowing that a place is truly wild.  We only saw three 
grizzlies (and two were from cars).  I remember how excited we were after 
seeing the bear on the trail at Rogers Pass.  Even just seeing signs of 
their passage - the huge tracks, the overturned rocks, the holes they dig -- 
that was a thrill. We heard there were grizzlies in the Winds, but saw no 
tracks or other signs of them when we went through.  Maybe next time.


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