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Re: [CDT-L] To change the subject --- to Montana

In short the NPS is the primary cause of the "bear problem". Public bear 
feedings carried out in the 70's to attract visitors to the then dwindling 
Parks initiated the association of humans with food. During that time and 
years thereafter serious maulings, some that led to death, were recorded. 
Park officials maintain that those problematic bears have been weeded out of 
the system. Though their position may warrant some merit, today the 
offspring of the "weeded" bears are greeted by the countless tourists who 
"recreate" in Yellowstone and Glacier National Parks for example.

In terms of reintroduction you will certainly see a fight by the livestock 
association and government who's diligence has nearly carried out the 
erradication of predator species including bears, coyotes, and lions etc.

I highly recommend Ghost Grizzlies for an account of the demise of the 
grizzly in Colorado. It also discusses the possibility of a clandestine 
population of grizzlies in the South San Juan Wilderness.

David Patterson
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