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Re: [CDT-L] To change the subject --- to Montana

I support the reintroduction effort.  When I am hiking and there are bears in 
the area, it makes me feel alive, more alert, and more aware of my 
surroundings.  I feel like I am in an ecosystem that is whole (even though I 
know it has been manipulated beyond comprehension by humans), all the better 
if there are wolves around too.  On a realistic note, bears are not as 
dangerous as people make them out to be.  Granted there are times when a bear 
feels he needs to protect him/herself or cubs/carcass, and that is when a 
person needs to know exactly what to do in that situation.  Education about 
bears, their habits, and their behavior is the utmost important thing.  
Ignorance is rediculous in my opinion.  We have all heard horrible stories 
about how someone has been mauled by bears.  We have also heard horrible 
stories about car crashes.  Shouldn't we be 1000 times more scared of getting 
in our car than going hiking with the bears?  As with anything I do, I feel 
more alive, more alert, and more intune to my surroundings when I know my 
life could be at stake if I do something stupid.
As for the politics concerning grazing in sage dominated upland areas, cattle 
spend most of their time in riparian areas.  Bears would likely do the same, 
and they wouldn't overgraze and degrade those riparian areas as cattle tend 
to do.  Cattle grazing of arid areas in this country needs to change.
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