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Re: [CDT-L] Trail info


The route between Pie Town and Grants has some limitations. First the BLM 
official I spoke with said he was instructed to route the CDT away from 
man-made structures including windmills and water tanks. In my oppinion the 
earth stock tanks are unsuitable for human consumption. Therefore the short 
section of "official" trail that traverses the cinder cones west of El 
Malpais isn't necessarily the best route option despite the fact it is 
signed with posts and cairns. In 98 my goal was to avoid roads and I found 
the x-c walking easy along the western edge of the Malpais. Water wasn't an 
issue since there are some ranches in the area and there are developed water 
sources on public land.  Eventually one can rejoin the Chain of Craters road 
before reaching the highway and proceed north towards Oso Ridge LO (well 
worth the 0.5 mile diversion).

Thanks again for your scouting and logistical efforts.

David Patterson
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