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Re: [CDT-L] New Lister


Most (certainly much) of the route through NM is not "official."  As Jenny
responded and as others have reported to me, there are apparently some
problems in the Gila area even though that is an "official" section.

Hiking in NM will be a different experience from hiking on the AT.  There is
no corridor.  You cannot depend on finding a white blaze to show you the
way.  Water availability impacts your schedule.  There are no shelters.

I strongly urge you to get Jim Wolf's Northern New Mexico Guide.  As I
understand, it includes two "official" sections in the northern part of the
state; one section in the San Pedro Parks area and another west of the Chama
River.  It also includes a section on Horace Mesa just north of Grants where
the forest service built some new trail.  I do not know if they continued
with the trail this past summer since the Acoma Pueblo is contesting a
routing of the CDT over Mt. Taylor.

I also understand that Bob Julyan of Albuquerque is in the process of
publishing a book on the CDT in New Mexico.  I do not know if it is
available yet.

I do not know if the route south of Cuba referred to by Genny  is "official"
or if it is blazed sufficiently to follow; I have not had a chance to get
over and check it out.  Information about that can be obtained from Kathy
Walters at the BLM office in Albuquerque (I seem to have misplaced here
telephone number and e-mail address.)

With respect to maps, you might check
http://bombaci.rootsweb.com/CDTinNM.html .  This is an overview map setting
out the route of the physical divide, an approximation of the Northern NM
route described by Jim Wolf, USGS & BLM 1:100000 maps, and forest service
maps which could be used for a NM walk.

Holmans in Albuquerque can supply all necessary maps including 7.5' maps if
you want them.  You can check them out at   http://www.holmans.com/maps.php3
.  If you follow the topo map link, you will find both  a toll free
telephone number and e-mail address for information.

I have scouted in some detail the section between Pie Town and Cuba, know
most of the water sources, and can provide information about several route

Allen Stibora
Mountainair, NM

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