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[CDT-L] Poor Betsy

I find it *funny* how poor Betsy who is *new* to the list just wanted her question *answered* and now everyone is *discussing* points that are basically *irrelevent* to what she was asking in the first place. Betsy, don't feel like you asked a bad question that caused all sorts of problems! The first *response* was the best.

"Betsy, there is no official route through much of New Mexico, and much that
is "official" you really don't want to do.  There are routes shown on the
BLM maps that don't exist on the ground, and official stretches (in the
Gila) that haven't been maintained in years. The map we got from the Forest
Service showed incomplete sections there, even though that was one of the
first stretches of trail to be designated. There is one "official" section
through the Malpais that even the BLM (which managed it) told us not to
take, as it it was 40 miles waterless.  That may have changed, but that was
the situation when we went through there.  I suggest you join CDTS and get a
copy of Jim Wolf's recommended New Mexico Route. "
"Dividends (the CDTS newsletter) gives alternate routes and
updates on the existing routes.  Another alternative is to contact the
Mountain Club of New Mexico (they have a web site).  They did a trail
reroute last year of the 50 mile stretch south of Cuba."

    So now I timidly ask if anyone can reccomend a good trail guide for the CDT for Colorado and Wyoming? Also does anyone know of a good web site for buying competitively priced gear? I'm pretty poor. :-(

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