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Re: [CDT-L] New Lister

    If the post was just a statement of desires and position/opinion (only),
it is still prudent to realize it came from a non purist attitude associated
with another post from a non purist overtly saying:

"Don't worry about 'official or not official."

"Purism is a non-issue out there."

  Consequently, I deduce that there has been an attempt to influence, in one
way or another, the nature of another hiker's hike.

    In contrast, I am not advocating  purism, irregardless of it defining an
extrema.  My position is, I would hope another hiker is not  doing
*anything* to negatively influence the possibility of Betsy considering a
purist hike in regards to that which *is* officially marked on the CDT.  I
think it wise to consider the purist attitude, and others, while planning a
hike.  I would assume you agree.

    It is not irony that those who assert "Purism is a non-issue..." are non
purists.  If that is their syle/attitude/outlook, then fine.  It is very
common for non-purists to follow their position with logic (rationalization)
that reminds the listener that "...and much that is "official" you really
don't want to do."

    Purism or any style of hiking communicated to a person seeking
information about trails and upcoming hikes, needs to be clearly framed as
an option.  Furthermore, when non purists assert purism is a non issue, it
should simply be clear that  the option comes from a position of bias.

    You and I are probably closer to the same position than you may think.


| At 9:27 PM -0800 11/17/00, csrm wrote:
| >Jim:
| >
| >It appears you have missed my point in your zeal to rationalize y'alls
| >on the CDT.
| >
| >
| Purism or any other "---ism" is usually defining an end-point (extrema)
| not an average position which most of us long-distance (ie greater than
| 1000 miles) take. I did not see the post as a rationalization, just a
| of desires and postion/opinion.
| No flames back please, but I feel that the situation warrants this quote
| you:
| "Please do not be wise in your own eyes and listen to what others have to
| Happy Trails,
| Rich-
| 300 peaks+- US & Europe, 1973-1999,  JMT- 95, PCT- 90,  AT- 85
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