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[CDT-L] Svea stove

Wow 600 miles on 11 oz of fuel??  That's incredible, even if that's at lower 
I've been using a Whisperlite Internationale 600 for a few years, the first 
and only stove I've used.  I burn Coleman fuel in it, and depending on what 
I'm cooking, I use probably between 1-3 oz. per day/2 people.  I haven't had 
too many problems with it, a broken shaker jet pin and vigilance with 
cleaning, but the Svea sounds like a dream, especially since it can simmer 
well.  I've been able to bake with my Whisperlite, but it requires staying 
very closeby to keep a good simmer going.  Can you simmer on the Svea without 
sitting next to it?  Kelly and I love to have deep dish pizza and Cinnamon 
Streusel (to name a couple) for a treat, but the Whisperlite requires a lot 
of attention.
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