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Re: [CDT-L] [cdt-l] stoves

KBerger466@aol.com wrote:

> Bob, I haven't used a zzip, but I'm intrigued, too. having hike both of those
> trails Here's what I'd say: The chance of finding nothing burnable is usually
> avoidable. Obviously, you're giving up above treeline sites in rock-and-ice
> country. , but not a lot of people camp in those. I've had rare nights
> (always raining) when something clogged in the MSR (no longer my stove of
> choice) -- jwe ust ate cold food then.


I agree with Karen, on the eat cold food when you have to.
I use a zip stove and like it. I also take only a home made stove, built from a
vienna sausage can, and esbit tabs, much of the time. It's a matter of planning
and maybe just sucking up to what is going on at the time.
On a "march", like the CDT, I would take what "I" feel comfortable with, be it
tarp/tent, or zipstove/gas stove. It's a personal thing, that one should be
comfortable with before the start. Atleast I would feel so. Kind of like food

This issue about the zipstove was beat up pretty bad a year or so ago, with much
discussion being on the negative side, and about the regulations on open fires.
(smoke in a no burn zone will get you LOTS of attention)

Here is a mod for the zip stove, for those interested in making it even lighter.

I might add that the zip stove is nice if you like the glow of an open fire, the
smell of it, and don't mind fiddling with it some. It will take some planning
ahead in some areas, to make sure you have fuel, but I usually pickup some twigs
along the way, if rain is coming or might be above timber line. Just part of
being aware of what is going on.

If I was going on a long hike, where covering miles was the name of the game, the
home made esbit stove would be what I would take, and meals planned around it.

James, watching the snow come down, in ENM(chill factor/11F)

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