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Re: [CDT-L] [cdt-] stoves

David Patterson wrote:

> For the past few years I've used a Svea 123R without any trouble. I started
> the AT with a MSR whisper lite and grew weary of the daily clogging and
> cleaning. Since Atkins VA (around 10,000 miles of backpacking) I've been
> using the Svea and have done absolutely nothing to it except burn white gas.
> At low to moderate elevations I've found I can go about 600 miles on 11
> ounces of fuel. Also, it's the only stove I've seen (except for the canister
> stoves) that does simmer. One more thing, the published weight is not
> correct. Ounce for ounce the Svea is far lighter than the MSR models. If
> you're looking for a stove that won't break (only one working part) and has
> excellent fuel economy the Svea is definitely an answer.

A man of my own heart!!!!
I have owned an Optimus 8r junior sence the late 60's, and still use it quite
alot. It has NEVER failed to start, and never had anything replaced on it.
The guts are the same as the Svea 123R, and the same logic??? with lighting it.

I once had a guy drive 200 miles at the last moment, to go on a trip with me,
only I believe, he found out I was going to take the 8r. He said any trip was a
good one, if he could watch someone fire up one of those and hear it in action!

> If anybody is interested in the Svea do get somebody who's familiar with the
> stove to show you how to use it. From what I recall the instructions are
> either non-existent or lame. I've seen at least one person new to the Svea
> get into trouble with fire while attempting to use it. Not that it's
> dangerous, it just requires a little finesse.

Might not be dangerous, but lighting one under a tarp for the first time, should
prove interesting.

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