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Re: [CDT-L] My intro

Jeffrey Short" <jshort@mindspring.com> writes while
I'm 30 from the state of  Delaware...
>For the past couple of years, I have had dreams/wishes about  completing
a long-distance hike.  Of course, because of its proximity, my first
thoughts were towards the AT.  I am  wishing/planning on thru-hiking the
AT (GA->ME) in 2002.

>My current dream is to hike the AT, CDT, and PCT in both directions
(S->N and N->S) by the time I hit 40 (late November, 2009)!  Sort of a
Triple-Double experience!!

 One question that I have is : In what order would you 
>hike the trails?  I would like to go East->West (AT, CDT, PCT)... 
>however, it seems that the CDT is the harsher of the three trails, so 
>it could also make sense to hike it last.

IMHO, I would start with the AT. If you don't like crowds that much,
consider hiking it S -N. Sart in May, when Baxter Park opens. Either way,
it's easier to bail out for any reason, as you live in DE. Many hike the
CDT this way, usually starting in June. Going South-N you are "catching
up" to the seasons, not following them. The CDT is longer than the AT,
doing the AT that direction will give you the experience.

2nd, I would hike the PCT. Why?  You will get experience with mountain
hiking, again good for hiking the CDT. Also, more and more restrictions
are being placed on hikers, the longer you wait, the more there will be.
For instance, before, you could easliy do a side hike up Mt. Whintey.
This year, they started a lotto system, and a fee had to be in by 29 Feb,
so unless your willing to hike to it, and try to get maybe a cancelled
permit, that side hike is out. You can however hike the whole high
Sierra's without getting out of them, for resupply (Goto Cedar Grove RS
for resupply, instead of out to Lone Pine).  

3rd, the CDT, more of it will be completed (The CDT has dogged me, tried
several times to finish it, for various reasons havn't, still trying).
Even tried the GDT last year, crashed and broke a collarbone. Havn't
decided this year to hike or bike that area.

You will find "Trail Magic & Angels" on all of them. As soon as you
compete a trail, if you are that eager, you will be bitten by lthe ong
distance hiking bug. I suggest you join ALDHA, and go to their annual
gathering, all the trails have info meetings at it. 
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  []|- FT 89                                       
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