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Re: [CDT-L] My intro


I think as humans, the idea of a long journey appeals to us. Throughout history, many people have gone on long journeys, a pilgrimage if you will. The big three scenic trails offer a modern day pilgrimage in a world that seems to be the anti-thesis of this personal reflection. 

Read _The Art of Pilgrimage_, the book, to me, really reflects the thoughts of many of us who go on long distance hikes. 

As for finding your own trail.... I agree. But the allure of exploring this geeat country of ours is also great. And exploring ut by the big three trails seems a great way to do it. 

My 30th b-day gift to myself, though (in 2004..I'll let you do the math! :D), is to hike the Appenines in Italy from the "top of the boot", to the toe. Great way to see another culture, and look up my roots. (My family came from a small village in the Appenines called Guarcino). So much to do!
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