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[CDT-L] My intro

Hi all..

	My name is Jeff Short...I'm 30 from the state of Delaware...and, 
as you probably have guessed, I am a new subscriber to the list.

	For the past couple of years, I have had dreams/wishes about 
completing a long-distance hike.  Of course, because of its 
proximity, my first thoughts were towards the AT.  I am 
wishing/planning on thru-hiking the AT (GA->ME) in 2002.

	About 6 months ago, my hiking thoughts included the PCT and 
CDT.  My new hiking goal was to do a triple thru-hike in my 
lifetime.  Lately, however, I have gotten specific and maybe a little 
crazy about hiking the Big Three.

	My current dream is to hike the AT, CDT, and PCT in both 
directions (S->N and N->S) by the time I hit 40 (late November, 
2009)!  Sort of a Triple-Double experience!!

	Ok.. I have left myself open to any snickering / potshots  from 
the group.   One question that I have is : In what order would you 
hike the trails?  I would like to go East->West (AT, CDT, PCT)... 
however, it seems that the CDT is the harsher of the three trails, so 
it could also make sense to hike it last.

Any comments would be appreciated...

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