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[CDT-L] [cdt-l] adventure

Adventure is an undertaking for which the outcome is unknown. 

And geez, folks -- I KNOW there are other water sources in the general "area" 
of  Jack Fair's place -- but what I object to is the bureacracy-that-is 
saying that since he is there, there's no need to worry about water.... The 
AT push to acquire and/or protect these last 40-ish miles of the AT is based 
on the understanding that a trail needs more protection than a "gentleman's 
agreement" with a private landowner. Similarly, counting on indivudual 
citizens to perform a role that should have been taken into account with 
trail design (whether it's access (in the case of the CDT southern terminus) 
or water (in the case of the PCT through the Mojave)) is only a temporary 
measure.   And, as PCT people know, the issue re: the Mojave route goes far 
beyond water availability at Jack Fair's place -- there's the whole Tejon 
Ranch  issue and how it was "resolved."

Anyway, that's an issue for a different list. Re: this one: I quite liked the 
Columbus route, and had no problems with it. 3  miles paved road walk from 
Palomas to Columbus,  then over to the Three Sisters on dirt road, across to 
the Floridas, then a short road walk into Deming. Of course, it was my first 
long distance hike - road walks were less onerous to me then.  Anyway, we 
found plenty of water (unappetizing thought it was). 10 years after then 
fact, I still remember the feel of the wind, the dryness, the bigness of the 

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