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[CDT-L] Email adress changes

There's a whole gaggle of people that I don't want to lose in the transition 
here. Hopefully I didn't miss anyone.

Ginny and I will use this hotmail account as our trail account this year.  
Don't expect a lot of traffic from us though.  We'll be busy with a little 
walk in the woods.  :-))

The jimandginnyo@juno.com account will be active until we take down the 
computer about April 17.  We leave for San Diego on April 19 and we'll be at 
the ALDHA meeting, hiking and working with a KTA trail crew for the 10 days 
before that.

The jowen@attglobal.net account will no longer be operable after Monday, 
March 27.  There aren't many people using that one anyway.

Now that I've confused everyone (OK - I've confused myself too), y'all have 
a good day.  We're going hiking tomorrow.

Walk softly,
Jim and Ginny

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