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Re: [CDT-L] tarp instead of tent

I dont' think single wall tents with floors breathe adequately. They may 
work well in desert situations, but condensation is a definite issue. I have 
a megamid (81 sq. ft.) and use my Leki pole or cord to set up. With seam 
sealant it weighs around 2.5 lbs. I hear their new version will have a top 
vent which is a nice addition. For bugs I recommend sewing a No-see-um 
netting skirt around the bottom. Regarding rodents and other animals I have 
never had a problem. I suppose it all depends on where you set up.

A tarp would certainly have merit on the CDT, but there are places I 
wouldn't want to be caught without a stout shelter. The weather on the CDT 
changes rapidly and is intense at times. Imagine marble sized hail, high 
winds, lightning and the like.

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