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Re: [CDT-L] tarp instead of tent

Thanks for the info Jeff,

As for the tent you mentioned, I think just about any tent will have 
ventilation problems in the rain, although I think single walls are generally 
worse than double.  At under 3 lbs though, that's probably a good tradeoff.

<< I'm going to sew some mosquito netting on its
 edges or more probably get a bug bivy to use with it.  That was its only
 drawback.  I could stake it all the way to the ground but the skeeters still
 found their way in >>
Those buggers hang out on the ground, so i don't think netting along the 
edges will work too well.  You'd just be locking them in for the night.  The 
bug bivy would probably be your best bet.  Another option would be smear mud 
on any exposed skin to ward those mosqui's off.

I'm going to try a coated nylon tarp with some modified guy attachment 
points.  Does anyone know where I could find some silicone impregnated nylon? 
 I reckon that would be lighter yet. 
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