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[CDT-L] tarp vs.tent

We used a tarp for the PCT last year and the Colorado Trail in '97.  Also
the AT but that's not a big deal because of the shelters.  On the
Colorado Trail in an El Nino year we had rain and mosquitoes almost every
day.  The tarp allows you to set up and take down in the rain without
getting your stuff wet.  You can also start out sleeping under the stars
and then pitch the tarp over you when it starts to rain.  We have two
tarps, both are made of silicon-coated nylon and pitch three sides to the
ground using our hiking sticks for support.  The small one weighs 11
ounces and the large one (big enough to cook under) 15 ounces.  We use a
5-ounce piece of mosquito netting clothes-pinned across the front opening
for bug protection.  The wind protection is pretty good unless you get a
wind shift in the night.

Outdoor Wilderness fabrics is a good source for the materials.

Annie and the Salesman  
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