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[CDT-L] Civility

  OK, I'm new to this list, so either I don't have enough context or I have 
a fresh point of view.  That is for you guys to decide.  I would imagine 
that if any of us were sitting around a camp fire we would be best of 
friends for the night.  It seems though, if you put everyone in front of a 
keyboard they become more easily offended, less hesitant to use strong 
phrases and at the base less emphatic.
  The majority of people on a list like this are, I would imagine, cut from 
the same cloth.  A significant part of most serious hikers' personality is 
bull-headed and opinionated but amiable at the same time.  No offense but 
the exchange of the last two days has been a bit disheartening to me.  Not 
that it has broken down into flaming but the defensive attitude of people 
that are brethren(like it or not), is a bit unsettling.
  Now my two cents...  Politics will decide the fate of the CDT.  What you 
choose to about that is another matter.  We hikers are already being out 
flanked by other communities that are interested in the CDT and are more 
willing to organize and get involved in the politics of it.  Mainly because 
there is money to be made, selling Mt. bikes and ATVs or leading horseback 
parties.  The hiking communty will be out spent by by these groups, if they 
are better organized as well the CDT will never become the wilderness trail 
that we all hope it can be.  I believe we have the moral high ground, lets 
make us of it.
  Perhaps this list should be split down the middle and a second 'political' 
list created.  Or is that too biblical?
  I hope I have offended no one.
                                   Happy hiking;
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